BeeFit Blast
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The future technology of supplementation. This transdermal patch is packed

full of three essential ingredients to aid in weight loss.

Transdermal technology is much more reliable and effective than traditional ingestion methods such

as pills and capsules. This is because of two things. First, continuous slow released technology. Unlike

traditional methods, transdermal patches release slowly in the blood stream so that the body can

maximize the absorption of the ingredients and get the most out of them. While traditional methods

cause the body to digest the brunt of the ingredients all at once. The problem with the latter is that

most of the time the body simply cannot process all of these ingredients at one time, causing most of

it being wasted. The second reason transdermal patches are more effective is because the ingredients

are absorbed directly in the blood stream. What does this mean? It means that instead of having to pass

through multiple processes of digestion, the supplement instead absorbs directly through the skin into

the body’s blood stream.

Absonutrix Bee Fit Blast combines an appetite supplement called Hoodia Goronii, Green Tea Extract that

helps provided much needed energy, and finally Fucus Vesiculosus that helps the body’s metabolism


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BeeFit Blast

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